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Enhancing Learner Progression Project - Background

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The ability to reflect is a powerful learning tool. The ELP project aims to encourage students to reflect and record their experiences and skills in order to help them progress through their learning journey. This will be achieved by the use of e-portfolios. The project will also consider the progression into Higher Education, through Higher Education and into work to see how e-support is compatible between each of the stages.

Aims and Objectives

The overall aim is to evaluate the application and potential of e-Portfolios to support students through their lifelong learning journey, particularly at key transfer points in that journey. The project will examine three of those transfer points; Context 1, moving from school/FE into University, Context 2, moving from University into the workplace (both in placement experience and first career positions) & Context 3, moving between Universities.

The objectives will be to:

Project Methodology

The project will look at e-portfolios in three different contexts.

Context 1:

The use of PebblePAD e-portfolio system and e-portfolio content in Bodington with sixth form / FE students on the various Compact / Access schemes. Through questionnaires and interviews with staff and students in schools / colleges and relevant quantitative measures, the project will aim to evaluate: Whether students are better prepared for transition into Higher Education. What effect e-portfolios are having on aspirations and entry into H.E? What aspects of e-portfolios aid pre-entry support? Technical issues related to transferability of e-portfolio information.

Context 2:

The use of e-portfolio tools within Bodington for students studying professional healthcare qualifications. E-portfolio tools will be piloted with students during their work based placements and those doing postgraduate professional qualifications.

Context 3:

The assess the needs of e-portfolios to students who may be transferring between institutions and the issues of moving their e-portfolio between institutions. This will involve consultation with the department staff within each University, students who have previously transferred and students who may soon be transferring.

Implications/ Deliverables/ Stakeholders

The project will aim to evaluate the needs of students at different stages of the Student Lifecycle Model and come up with ideas for good pedagogy in the application of e-portfolios. It will also evaluate the technical issue with transferability of e-portfolios between different systems as a student moves through the Student Lifecycle Model.