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Case Studies
The ELP project has been involved in three different transition points in a learners' lifelong learning journey.

The first context  is using e-portfolios to support learner transition from school or college into higher education.

The second context is using e-portfolios to support transition from higher education into the workplace.

The third context is using e-portfolios for undergraduate students transferring between Universities.

Context 1

University of Bradford:

Learners were enrolled on a 5 credit foundation level module at the University. Learners are asked to complete an electronic portfolio to encourage them to think about entering higher education and to make informed and / or realistic choices about their future education, and to help them put together a personal statement for University admission.

This is a new module, developed as part of this pilot, designed to exploit the features offered by the e-Portfolio system. It is designed to help the students develop their awareness of and record their achievements, build their confidence and raise their aspirations to enter H.E. and help them plan what they need to do to achieve this. The module is part of the University's Compact scheme to encourage wider participation in Higher Education.

Leeds Metropolitan University:

Learners were enrolled on an accredited module at the University called the Progression Module. This module is run as part of widening participation activities. The module aims to:

The module has previously been offered as a paper based portfolio. For the 2005/2006 academic year colleges were offered an e-portfolio option as well.

University of Leeds:

Students who are interested in a career in medicine or healthcare have been using the e-portfolio to work through a series of exercises designed to act as a careers information, advice and guidance module. The aim is to realistically present the demands of the work and to provide assistance with the admission process, in these highly competitive areas. Applicants to the Leeds School of Medicine, for example, have a one in ten chance of being successful.

The e-portfolio not only contains information for students but tutors, teachers and Connexions personal advisers will also find lesson plans, which link in with the DfES CEG requirements, to enable them to deliver lessons interactively if they wish.

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Context 2

University of Leeds / Yorkshire Deanery - Foundation Years Portfolio:

The e-portfolio was used to support trainee doctors (known as Pre-registration House Officers (PRHOs)) undertaking the first year of the ‘Foundation Years Curriculum’.

The e-portfolio acted as a central repository for assessments, reflective thoughts (both private and public), career management plans and feedback from educational supervisors assigned to support the PRHOs through each placement of their medical training. These assessments, feedback comments and reflective thoughts fed into the creation of individual personal develop plans (PDPs) designed to give PRHOs control over their training needs and professional development. The successful completion of the required number of assessments and PDPs is required before the PRHO can progress onto the second year of their training.

University of Leeds - Nursing Progress File:

The e-portfolio was used to support the personal development planning (PDP) of undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students enrolled on courses at the University of Leeds.

The e-portfolio was created to enable students to record and monitor their own progress, communicate with their personal tutor, link evidence to required competencies, upload reports from hospital placements, receive feedback from course tutors and placement mentors and reflect, both privately and publicly, on both their academic and practical experiences.

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Context 3

University of Bradford / University of Leeds:

The current student portfolio is part of an assessed module and is one component of the module assessment. This portfolio would then be taken with students on transfer to Leeds Medical School and built upon in their subsequent studies. Current practice involves producing a paper portfolio which has to be physically transferred between institutions and limits the access that staff have to the students learning.
The content and assessed requirements of the portfolios at Bradford and Leeds are not exactly the same but have similar elements.
Learners undertake a module where they have to complete a personal development portfolio with the aims of:

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