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Dr. Helen Barrett’s website is extremely useful and has a wealth of resources on e-portfolios. It has an American focus but she is particularly interested in using e-portfolios in primary and secondary schools.

JISC briefing paper  on e-portfolios has a more strategic focus on e-portfolios across institutions.

The JISC website has a number of links to projects using e-portfolios and these can be easily found by searching for e-portfolios on their website.

The e-portfolio portal website has lots of resources on e-portfolios including an interactive case study and is a good starting point for gaining knowledge about e-portfolios.

E-portfolios: their use and benefits. This is a white paper produced for Becta, the agency in the UK tasked with pushing forward learning through technology.

The UK based e-learning centre has a wide range of articles about e-portfolios (http://www.e-learningcentre.co.uk/eclipse/Resources/eportfolios.htm).

The University of Nottingham has a centre for international e-portfolio development. (http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/eportfolio/)

The Centre for Recording Achievement (CRA) have been interested in the use of e-portfolios and have a dedicated area on their website devoted to e-portfolios. (http://www.recordingachievement.org/eportfolios/default.asp)

Josie Fraser’s blog has a useful round-up of what is happening in the UK with regards to e-portfolios.

Last Updated: 16th January 2007